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    About Us

    TheWorkplaceSurvey.com is a partnership between BridgeGap Consults and Nathan Leadgate LLC.
    The partners conduct surveys on issues in the workplace and offer insights to relevant stakeholders from an informed perspective.


    Bridgegap Consults Limited has been providing multidisciplinary professional service to both local and international organizations since 2008. Our vision is to be recognized as the best Human Resource and Business consulting company in Nigeria.
    At Bridgegap, we are committed to working with clients through the complexities of finding solutions and then adding value to the business world. Driven by the culture of excellence and strict adherence to global best practices; we have combined our vision with the delivery of services that exceeds customer’s expectations


    Nathan Leadgate is a people and organizational management practice providing a range of services across public, private and social sector institutions.
    We are well-structured to deliver services that are inventively designed and tailored to address employee and organization’s targeted needs. Our client specific models are focused on delivering valued services with verified outcomes in a way to help clients optimize their abilities, achieve their vision and goals, and ensure that the success is a strong foundation for sustainability. Our team of professionals’ work across a diverse spectrum of public and private industry to provide current insights for maximum client satisfaction. Nathan Leadgate focuses on People Management, Organizational Development, Learning & Development, and Research & Strategy Services.


    TheWorkplaceSurvey.com is a continued effort to understand the workplace and its key players through research. It seeks to provide insights to all the stakeholders in the workplace with the objective for organizational improvements. It is a holistic attempt at constantly reviewing activities in the workplace that impact both the employees and the business.

    Workplace Readiness Survey

    The Workplace Readiness Survey is aimed at investigating the level of preparedness of graduates for the workplace. The goal is to assess the availability and use of career services in higher education institutions. The survey is also aimed at identifying the factors contributing to effective preparation of students for their professional careers.

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    Workplace Employability Survey

    The Workplace Employability Survey seeks to explore employers perspective to the readiness of graduates for the workplace. Much of the argument from employers has been that they are unable to find candidates with the right skill set to take up available roles in the workplace. The survey also attempts to identify employers role in curbing the alarming rate of graduate unemployability by assessing their activities that serve as interventions to increase graduate employability

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